Tips by Tatsanai Aye Kuakoonrat
Video : Aye Tatsanai
Photo : Bunyalo Lota Jumruang

The KGB is a HS Backroll with a BS 360 rotation. It helps to get consistent with you Roll to Blind first before trying the KGB. You also need to be able to do a ‘Mexican’ type Backroll before trying this trick (Mexican Rolls are Backrolls which are initiated more sideways than normal).

However, unlike Roll to Blind which does not need as much load on your approach, you need to increase your speed more on the approach to have enough tension to pull the handle for the second BS 180.

As you pop off the wake, your lower body is really executing a Mexican Roll, while your body is initiating a BS360. Don’t pull the handle too aggressively but keep your handle close to your hip evenly throughout the trick.

Once you’ve made your handle pass, bring it across to the centre of your hip to finish the rotation.

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