Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Kim Yongil
Photo : Desmond Cher

Heelside Shifty is a relatively easy trick. Its a matter of how nice you tweak it and how big you go. Its also a good trick to learn if you have a habit of throwing tricks early (such as grabbing early, spinning early, etc), because the shifty can help you correct that. Why? You simply can’t do a shifty if you throw it too early off the wake.

Anyway, cut in with a moderate cut like you would do for a grab. As you ride up the wake, don’t rush the shifty. Instead, wait till you are about to reach the peak of your jump before initiating the shifty. For the shifty, you want to twist more at the waist rather than turning your whole body away from the boat. If you’re still having trouble twisting, try to imagine crossing your front leg over your back leg (like a scissors cross) while shifting the handle to your forward hip as you turn your shoulders away.

You might find it awkward initially, especially if you’re rushing the trick. But once you get the timing, it should be relatively easy. Too add more style, you can grab the tail with your back hand while boning out the nose. Or grab it method with your front hand.

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