Heelside Shifty 180

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Stephen Liew

To do the Shifty 180, You need to get your Shifty dialed in first as well as your HS 180s. To do the Shifty come into the wake like you would for a grab. Pop and rise before doing the twist. As you are about to reach the peak of your jump, bring the handle close to the back of your front hip while kicking your back foot towards your butt and boning you front leg towards the shore where you just left. This will make you do a twist.

To land the shifty just relax and let your body unwind on its own as your bring the handle square to your body.

To add the 180, come out of the shifty a little earlier and continue to rotate until you are in the 180 position keeping your handle close to your hip always, else you’ll get pull out.

If your Shifty and HS 180s are strong, this trick shouldn’t be too difficult. You just need to be confident that you’ll be able to finish the 180 in time. More importantly, do not rush the shifty else you will kill your height. Taking it relaxed will allow you to get a good height and you’ll have more than enough time to finish you rotation. Also, keep your handle close to your hip so that it basically swivels around your waist.

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