Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Sze Wei
Photo : Roger Koa

The HS Roll to Revert on the cable is easier than the Backroll on the cable, in my opinion. The rotation is a little more natural.

The set up for the roll to revert is pretty much the same as the raley, except that you do not need to edge as long. You want to take a progressive edge while keeping your body posture fixed and edge away like you would for the raley. The difference is that you want to load the back foot a little more and as you release of the water, instead of letting your arms get extended like in the raley, you want to look over your front shoulder and at the same time open your front shoulder away from the pull, while maintaining the handle at around chest level.

Once you have spotted the water, release your front hand and push the handle to your back hip. If you are landing on your heels and sliding out on landing, you are probably releasing the handle too early.

The key to this trick is really to edge up and away instead of throwing the board sideways. The cable will pull you around to revert quite naturally.

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