Heelside Frontside 540

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Guy Tanaka
Photo : Shutaro Segawa

If you are getting good floaty pops on your HS FS 360, then you are ready for the HS FS 540.

Unlike what most people would think, You don’t have to spin any earlier for the 540 compared to a 360. Instead, you want to make sure you get a good pop. As for the spin, you really need to think of going straight for the 540, instead of trying to do a 360 followed by 180. So just go for it and make sure you keep your handle close to you for the second handle pass as you turn the last 180.

If you are able to turn the full 540, but can’t really ride away, you might be finishing you rotation right on the water which throws you off. So make sure you get a good pop so that you finish your rotation well before you land, allowing a split-second to adjust your posture for the landing.

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