Heelside Frontside 180

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Sasha Christian
Photo : Kevin Tan

For the HS FS 180, come in on a seated approach and ride up the wake like you would for a grab. Don’t rush to turn the 180 yet, which is the most common problem.Turning 180 too early means you will be flying across the wake in an awkward switch posture, making it harder to land the trick. Instead, the timing to turn the 180 is about the same timing as going for a grab. At about the peak of your jump, you can start initiating the rotation.

To initiate the rotation, pull the handle over to your back hip. At the same time, turn your front shoulder away from the boat. You need to do both this actions at the same time, and not one faster than the other. At the same time, look towards the shoreline to help you maintain your axis and keep your knees slightly bent.

The palm of your handle hand should also be turned inwards facing towards the water. This turning of the handle helps your shoulders to turn away from the boat correctly. But at the same time, the handle should be kept fairly close to the hips throughout the trick. To land the 180, absorb the impact with your knees and try to land at least flat on the water, if not a little on your switch toeside edge. Its important that your shoulders are squared towards the shoreline in order to get the correct landing posture.

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