Heelside Frontside 180

Tips by Aidan Bamrah
Video : Ryan Lee
Photo : Phillip Soven

First learn to ollie, wake jump and ride switch.

– Follow the same initial steps as for an ollie.

– Once as you have popped your board off the water, suck up your knees, push your back leg forward and pull your front leg backward while keeping your feet on the board.

– Switch the handle to your back hand as you rotate and keep your knees sucked up all the way.

– Stomp the board down with a little more weight on the back foot and remain in the switch position for a while.

Tip: Concentrate the rotation on your lower body, the upper body will follow.

Try to rotate the board under you, not away from you, to avoid slipping out.

Don’t use the rope to pull you through the rotation, as you will probably fall back.

Make sure you ollie first then rotate, otherwise you will either leave your board behind you or end up do a surface 180 which is a different trick all together.

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