Tips by Alex Bennett-Leat
Video : Alex Bennett-Leat
Photo : Mark Griffin

Before you try this trick, you will want to have big, floaty krypts dialed. Start your edge on the inside of the cable, and take off when a few meters away, because if you scoop for the trick when you are too far away from the cable, it will be extremely difficult to make the handle pass. So with this short edge, make it hard and fast, sitting down with knees bent and elbows at your hips.

As you scoop, do not let your arms out too far; try to keep them slightly bent. As you get to a krpyt position, you must then initiate the handle pass. As you pull the handle with your backhand behind your back, you must reach around with your leading hand to grab the handle. However, this is not all, and people often lack this key part of the trick. As you reach around, you must turn your head and look, and follow the direction of where your lead hand is going (as well as to spot your landing), and push your leading shoulder and back into the rotation-this will enable you to turn your whole body into the spin. This is essential for the 313, as you cannot pull your body around if you do not turn it in the direction you want it to go.

Once you have got the handle back to your lead hand, this will finish the last part of the rotation and finish the 360. Bend your knees, keep the handle in and prepare for the landing.

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