Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Joshua Tay
Photo : Tan Kay Tuck

Front Rolls are not too difficult to execute. The hardest part would be the landing because it is difficult to spot.

Cut out wide and approach the Frontroll with some speed. Its not necessary to have a progressive approach as the Frontroll has more of a ‘trip flip’ to it. As you approach the wake, ease of your edge at the bottom of the wake and make sure you ride up tall off the wake to maximize the ‘trip’.

Maintain your handle close to your front hip and tuck your head forward like you want to look under your handle. You don’t have to release the handle too early as it might kill the rotation. When you feel you are about 3/4 through your rotation, release your back hand off the handle and push your handle to your front hip. Square off your shoulders to the shoreline and try to land on your toe edge.

Most common problem is riders tend to dive forward as they go off the wake. You have to really take this trick upwards on the pop, so make sure you stand tall off the wake.

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