Tips by Gerald Goh
Video : Roger Koa
Photo : Roger Koa

For those of you who have gotten scarecrows down consistently, you might want to try out this trick. An elephant is basically a scarecrow right up to just before landing when you let go of your back hand and pull the board back to the front instead of going to revert. Start by working on big scarecrows, this will help buy you more time when you do the shifty bit. Also make sure you can spot the water nice and early for your scarecrows, as this will be the time when you decide to land crow or elephant.

Edge on your toe-side as you would for a scarecrow. At the peak of your rotation, look out for the water and let go of your back arm. Shift your feet to turn the board back forward and turn your hips to prepare for a toeside landing. An important point to note here is that you’ll want to keep the handle in as the board comes underneath you and turn your shoulders towards the shore to prevent from slipping out after landing.

Elephants should be done big. These creatures only thrive when you land it way out in the flats. Work on poking out your leg longer as if you’re going to land crow before bringing it back to the front.

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