Daniel Grant Is The Ultimate Wake Park Champ

Here’s a press release from Thailand…


Contact: N. Srinkapaibulaya (‘Bobby’)
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Daniel Grant from Thailand seals the title as youngest ever cable Wakeboard World Champion.
The world of cable wakeboarding will never be the same again, as 13 year old Daniel Grant from Thailand took out the world’s best cable wakeboarders to become the youngest ever competitor to take the $5000us pro title in the Ultimate Wake Championships held in CWC Camsur on January 23rd, 2011.

The road to the top was packed with world class pros as Daniel, (‘Turtle’ or ‘Tao’ as he is known in Thailand,) took down juggernauts of cable wakeboarding such as: Lior Sofer (ISR) and Dominik Guhrs (GER) to reach the final where he went head to head with last year’s winner and this year’s overall WWA no.1 ranked rider, Tom Fooshee. (By the way, Dominik and Lior were also ranked 2nd and 3rd overall in the WWA standings!!!)

Packed with excitement from the start of the day the competition boiled down to the head to head final between Daniel and Tom. Holding nothing back, Daniel showed his fluid style on the rails and threw down monster moves’ such as the: S-Mobe, BS 450 transfer on the box and a Moby Dick 540 off the kicker to end his flawless run. Used to being under pressure, Tom was up next for his final run to answer back to what Daniel had laid down. Also looking stylish on the rails and answering with a Pete Rose off the kicker big nose grab S-Mobe, Backmobe and Scarecrow off the water, last year’s champ just couldn’t hold on when he attempted his switch TS BS 450 transfer on the box and slipped up on his way down the rail.
At this point it had people who were watching the event wondering if they were going to witness history in cable wakeboarding and see the youngest ever world champ. Turtles friends who were watching live via the internet were posting things on their Facebook profiles like: Mark Griffin: ‘holy c**p, Dan just won the pro men’s going by that run!’ and Jake McDonald: ‘I reckon turtle got it. Imagine a 13 year old, winning pro men’s wakeboard cable. Unbelievable…’
Even Daniels Father, David Grant (who is by Daniels side every competition and everyday at his home lake,) was overwhelmed at what he had witnessed, posting up on his facebook page when Daniel had finished his run and his close friends from Singapore had congratulated him saying: Samantha Oxlade ‘Congratulations David you must be super proud! Congratulations from all the Oxlades!’ David Grant ‘Thanks Sam. Thinking someone is gonna wake me up right now from a dream Written by

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