Tips by Andy Huang
Video : Andy Huang
Photo : Zucky

A crow mobe is a basically a front roll with a FS360 spin added to it. Make sure you have at least your scarecrow dialed in before attempting this trick. (Having a TS FS 360 helps too.)

You can either do a crow mobe with a handle pass or without. I will be explaining on how to do a crow mobe without a handle pass. (Landing blind)

Cut out progressively like how you would for a scarecrow. On the edge in, crouch slightly more than how you will come in for your scarecrow. This will give you the extra extension when you ride up.

On the ride up, note that you have to rely more on your ‘trip’ to initiate the trick as opposed to edging through the wake. After the ride up, initiate a scarecrow, but this time, let go of your leading hand, rotate your shoulders harder, suck up your legs (as if you’re going for a method crow) and follow through the rotation. If you relied on your pop and not edging through for this trick, chances are you will have a soft landing on the downside of the wake and not out in the flats. The trick to landing blind is not to look back to the boat, but to your 8 o’clock direction, in a ‘Gorilla’ posture.

If you are landing on the heel edge and sliding off, you are probably not initiating enough of a frontroll. Make sure the board goes above you and not behind you on the ride up.

If you have trouble letting go of your lead hand to initiate the 360 spin, try a scarecrow by letting go your lead hand, and just let your body unwind with the pull.

Now go out and stick it!

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