Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Mark Griffin
Photo : Max Christian

The key to getting around the corners, whether goofy or regular, is to look and turn towards the new direction after going around the bouy, but before the line tightens up after the slack. So when the line tightens up, you are already facing and the board is pointing in the new direction. Also, keep you handle in and crouch a little lower with more weight on your back foot as well, so when the pull comes you can have some ‘give’ in the handle if the pull is too strong when it tightens up.

Lastly, every corner has a sweet spot. Usually its right where the corner bouy is placed, but at times it could be a little more on the outside of the bouy, and sometimes it could be on the inside (but rarely). Anyway, the sweetspot is were you get the least slack going around the corners, but not so far out where the line has no slack at all (and whips you into a face plant without notice). The further you go outside the bouys, the tighter the line will be and vice versa.

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