Backside Shuvit 180

Tips by Ong Kian San
Video : Ryan Lee
Photo : Chris Yeo

A shuvit is basically an ollie, with only the board (and not you) rotating 180 degrees below you (i.e. Front heel and back toe closer to the respective edges). Therefore before trying this, it helps to get a good feel for ollies, which is what the shuvit is based on.

It tends to be easier for most people to start learning the backside shuvit first. The position of your feet on the wakeskate to set up for it should be as described in the pic below. Though it helps to start learning it with your feet this way, once you get the feel of it, it?s again really up to the individual.

Once you’re set, cut out about 6-8ft from the wake. Flatten off your edge, keeping your handle close to you. It?s also easier here to let go with the back hand. In one smooth simultaneous motion, bend your knees, slightly heavy on the back foot, ollie up and kick the board behind you to start the rotation and use your front foot to guide the board forward in the direction you?re travelling. Remember to suck both your knees up to get your feet out of the way and let the board rise up and rotate under you.

Keep your eyes on the board and watch the spin. As its completing the 180, catch it would both feet with your regular stance. A common problem here is catching the board with your feet too close together, which is harder to balance on when you land. As with landing the ollie, try to absorb the landing and stay squatted a little longer before standing upright and ride off to the next trick.

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