Tips by Alex Bennett-Leat
Video : Alex Bennett-Leat
Photo : Mark Griffin

For this trick you want to make sure you have your backroll and your blind judge pretty consistent. Start a hard edge out of the corner for the backroll, and try to get them big and floaty, giving you enough time to change direction and do the backside 180.

The difficult part is the timing of when to pull to blind, so aim to stall the backroll about three-quarters of the way through the rotation, and then begin the spin. This will feel a bit weird at first, so it may take a few attempts to get the feel for it and get a feel for your body positioning.

Upon stalling the backroll, pull the handle with your leading hand behind you to your lower back, as you would when doing a blind judge. Keep the handle tight to your lower back, and push your chest forward to make sure your weight is over your toes, to avoid falling back on your butt.

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